Danger Solutions is an integrated provider of high quality equipment to Defence and Law Enforcement.

We maximise capability with effective, reliable solutions.

Our Approach

We worked in Defence and Law Enforcement and we saw a problem.
Lots of companies in the Defence and Law Enforcement space don't understand your mission or your capability requirements.
Frankly, they don't care.

For them it's only about the money.

We disagree.

We wanted to change how industry companies worked, so in 2019, Danger Solutions was formed.
It's purpose? To support you.

We identify market leading products from overseas partners.
Integrate them as required and support them locally.

You can trust us to care about your mission and your capability and do whats right to support it, because we've been where you are and it's our mission too.

Strategic Alliances

We understand that teamwork directly contributes to mission success. That’s why we have cultivated strategic alliances and partnerships with some of the world’s leading defence equipment manufacturers.

As a result, we can provide you with the highest quality, most advanced equipment available on the market today. Alternatively, if we don't have it, we can connect you with someone who does.

We Are Professionals.Experts in procurement.On your team.DANGER SOLUTIONS.

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